To provide an international competence-based and adaptive learning platform that integrates corporate training, professional certifications, expert mentors and American university degrees to educate the next generation of global leaders.

GSU connects global professionals with competence-based training certification and graduate degree programs from American universities. We achieve this by localizing American academic programs for the international learner and building an educational network that combines bilingual distance learning, artificial intelligence and the blockchain.

A registered non-profit in the state of California, GSU combines virtual education with campus locations in the San Francisco area and Beijing China.


Our vision is to transform traditional education to transform global leaders that will transform organizations around the world.

Imagine a future where educational institutions, employers and individuals work together in a radical new way, without traditional walls or boundaries. A future where we collaborate for organization development and change so everybody, from the C-Suite to middle management and frontline staff, can contribute value in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Our vision and mission encompasses innovative educational pedagogies, global educational resources in both the world of global education and the world of practitioners from global companies and digital innovation.  Combined, we are developing a cutting-edge global professional development ecosystem for business leaders, HR professionals, trainers, coaches and management constants.

By integrating the eastern philosophies and western scientific theories, we are pioneering our own unique approach to educational development for individuals, teams, organizations, and even societies. We take synergy to heart, and use it for everything we do to build leadership positioning for elite levels at a global scale.

GSU aspires to create an academic environment grounded in personal and professional discovery, grounded by intellectual discourse and marketplace relevance. Within our learning community, we endeavor to be pioneers of industry, acting in accordance of our basic beliefs of generating value for all stakeholders, challenging each other for growth in a spirit of respect and collaboration, and creating reciprocal relationships for life-long learning.

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