The RODC certification program is delivered by GSU accredited provider SynergyWorks College of OD.

The RODC certification is a program recognized by the International Society for Organization Development & Change (ISODC).

The RODC program is designed for HR directors, trainers, consultants, coaches, managers and leaders to develop OD competencies with which they are able to enable organizations to make positive organizational change and transformation. Our program is positioned for global leadership in the industry of OD professional training.

Strict Admission Criteria

There are specific requirements that attracts professional learners that are leaders in different organizations. Consequently, RODC is differentiated from those organizations who do not have similarly strict criteria for admission. The quality of our students is considerably unique. From managers of Fortune 500 companies, top 500 Chinese companies, leading consultants, trainers or coaches in China our intention is to cultivate OD capacities for those students who are already capable and influential.

A Global OD Framework – Theory S

A SynergyWorks proprietary model differentiates the RODC program from other OD programs. Theory S is an OD meta-framework produced by synergizing Chinese OD philosophy and Western OD methodologies.

Based on Dr. Yongming Tang’s 20+ years of research and practice, SynergyWorks has developed a globally-applicable OD model called Theory S which integrates western OD systems and Chinese philosophical understanding of the living universe. Such a model provides a systematic, meta-framework to apply western OD methodologies, methods, and tools effectively within the context and nuance of Chinese culture. Theory S has been applied to many global and domestic companies, producing organizational success.

Specifically, Theory S Pioneering System Model encompasses 7 interacting systems. Each system interacts and synergizes with the other. Therefore, Theory S provides a meta-framework for OD analysis, intervention design and evaluation.

Professional Competency Training for Practitioners

RODC is positioned to develop world-class OD practitioners. To accomplish such a goal, we concentrate on OD professional competency training which consist of OD methodologies, methods and tools. This enables students to practice OD for effective organizational change and transformation. This also broadens a student’s OD knowledge and skills, which helps them to become effective OD practitioners, while focusing on cultivating their capabilities as practitioners, rather than just being academic scholars.

Global OD Faculty

The RODC program in China has attracted a strong faculty team to teach/mentor RODC students. We invite globally-known academics and experts to be part of the core faculty and guest faculty. Core faculty will join our residential programs, while guest faculty provide online webinars and advisory. Additionally, RODC features Chinese faculty who can teach core models, methods and tools that synergize western OD models with Chinese cultural and philosophical frameworks. Chinese faculty also play a key role in advising and supervising the students’ OD practicum which are real OD consulting projects with clients. Such collaboration among global and Chinese faculty creates a unique advantage for the RODC program.

Innovative Curricula

Our program features rigorous curricula which develop OD competencies for participants in a step-by-step approach. The objectives is a creative interplay of different pedagogies such as prework, residential learning, experiential learning through simulations and an OD Practicum. Additionally, RODC fosters transformative experiences for individuals and teams as throughout the program experience. Wee do not limit our program to simply teaching OD knowledge but cultivating OD competencies in a way that sparks personal development and understanding of dynamic and complex human systems, change and development.

Requirements for Admission

  • 5 years or more management experiences in key positions such as managers, directors, VPs and CEOs

  • Relevant training and development experiences such as being trainers, coaches, or facilitators

  • Strong desire and vision to become a leading OD practitioner in China

  • International experience is preferred

  • Live interview with RODC program director