Accredited Since July 1, 2019

Certification for Coaching EQ Skills Using Specialized Games


Levels of YouEQ Neuro-Gamification Certification

In June 2018, the Qortex Institute was established in China to research and advance a process called neuro-gamification which combines brain training with game dynamics for accelerated skill acquisition. Since 2015, Ed Kang, who is also executive president for GSU, has been developing specialized games and a coaching models to help individuals and organizations with emotional intelligence, intrinsic motivation, team dynamics and leadership activation.

Since its founding, Qortex has been expanding across Asia and North America through a network of certified coaches, channel partners and online training programs.


Qortex’s flagship product is the YouEQ series of card games that are used for individual coaching and corporate workshops. Each YouEQ game teaches a different set of EQ skills to support mental health and performance. Current games and skills are:

  1. Emotion Skills

  2. Collaborative Empathy

  3. Collaborative Communication

  4. Trigger Technique

  5. Team Dynamics: Joy Triangles

  6. Collaborative Conflict & Feedback

  7. EQ Mindfulness

  8. Appreciative Collaboration

  9. Reflective Collaboration

Performance EQ

Performance EQ is a model that combines multiple proven research models into a simplified step-by-step action framework. It is particularly effective for organization development interventions and training OD practitioners in Use of Self skills.

Qortex Circuit

The Qortex Circuit is a framework designed to accelerate Performance EQ by targeting four sequential centers of the brain. It is the foundation for all YouEQ games.

Certification Program

Certification in YouEQ games for coaching is conducted online and in a cohort model depending on the level. Cohort residencies are held in North America and China. Contact us for more information.