Public programs in organization development are delivered by GSU accredited provider SynergyWorks College of OD.

All GSU students enroll after attending one of our public workshop. Workshops are designed to provide a preview experience of what being a GSU student will be like. Each workshop is hosted by our strategic partners in at our campus locations. Workshops are also held in different cities across North America and China based upon request and demand.

The Power of OD (POD) Workshop

The POD workshop is a prerequisite for the organization development program including RODC. Participants will experience an OD intervention based upon our global OD framework called Theory S. Through this experience, students will gain a foundational understanding of OD and how it applies to teams and organizations. This is also an opportunity to assess your professional readiness to enter into the organization development program.

POD is a 2-day and 1-night workshop.

Developing Pioneering Organizations (DPO) Workshop

The DPO workshop is an executive coaching intensive designed to help managers understand organizational leadership. DPO is considered a prerequisite for the global leadership program. Participants will experience challenging personal development and opportunities to stretch their leadership capacity in becoming pioneers. Participants will then learn how to apply pioneering principles to transform their organizations. This is an opportunity to assess your professional readiness to enter into the organizational leadership program.

DPO is a 2-day and 1-night workshop.

Please contact us to request more information about the next workshop.