All GSU programs share the following common objectives. These objectives are shaped by students, faculty, staff, employers and other partners that share our mission.

  • To provide students flexibility to manage and complete their degree requirements at their own pace.

  • To enable students to successfully complete coursework regardless of geographic location.

  • To allow individualized program of study development according to the needs and objectives of each student.

  • To provide the most current, relevant and comprehensive information to every student in their chosen field of study.

  • To integrate evaluation tools which require the student to demonstrate competency in concepts and skills.

  • To give students access to all necessary materials to complete their degree requirements.

  • To give students access to experienced faculty for assistance, guidance and coaching when necessary.

  • To develop the student’s understanding of the vocabulary and knowledge specific to their discipline.

  • To enable students to effectively integrate concepts and demonstrate their skills in every functional area associated to their discipline.

  • To inspire students and instill the value of life-long learning.

  • To provide opportunities for students to experience a global learning perspective.

  • To provide information and guidance to prepare students for the future of work in their discipline.

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