The student manual is a guide to success at GSU. The following is an overview of the GSU experience. Please review carefully and explore the rest of the student manual before considering an application.

Key Terms

Enrollment – GSU agrees, in collaboration with accredited partners, upon the admission criteria for students.. English is not an enrollment requirement; language will be addressed with bilingual faculty.

Administration – All GSU students that are concurrently enrolled in an accredited university will pay tuition to GSU directly. No other payments to other organizations are necessary

Faculty –All GSU faculty for the program are also qualified faculty at accredited institutions. GSU will have two groups of faculty – one group bilingual and the other group English speaking only.

Teaching Language – Courses will be bilingual. Those professors who teach only in English will be translated into the local language.

Cohorts & Residencies – All GSU programs as cohort-based with quarterly residencies. Residencies will be held primarily at campus locations and occasionally at other corporate partner locations; all will be designed and led by GSU faculty. GSU will hire supplemental faculty from global partners and institutions.

Online Courses – All online courses are designed by GSU faculty. Courses are designed with mutually agreed upon educational objectives and learning outcomes with accredited institutions. Universities provide input and feedback in these courses to ensure we satisfy future accreditation standards.

Practicums – All students will be expected to complete at least one OD project per academic year with the assistance of GSU faculty and will also be assigned a Core Faculty Advisor.

Dissertation – Dissertations will be initially submitted in the primary language of the student. The final version of dissertation will then be translated into English. The Core Faculty Advisor will be a qualified bilingual individual with the responsibility to integrate English and international faculty. This full process will be determined as part of this collaboration.

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